shibuya by yuki 
 moonlightlord whispered: Hello!^^ Thanks a lot for following my blog, I'm really grateful~ This might sound weird coming from a random stranger like me but your blog gives me the impression that the photos are taken by you and that it represents how you see the world from your perspective, I might be completely wrong but if not then that's pretty amazing and interesting:) Thanks again!

thank you for following me as well, i appreciate it and i’m glad you enjoy my blog. though the photos on my blog are not taken by me, i one day hope to be that good and have the opportunity to take such amazing pictures. i really do enjoy night scenery. people don’t realize it, but it takes the darkest night to remember the brightest days, and the darker the night, the brighter the stars.


Tokyo streets under the rain

untitled by cookiecole on Flickr.

✿ Meet the Blogger ✿

Tagged by: Louise
Name/Gender: Adrian/Male
Age: 20

✿ Favorites ✿

Food: Gyros / ramen :DD 
Drink: Arizona green tea / iced coffee c:
Book: Flowers for Algernon - Daniel Keyes
Film: Fight Club
Band / Artist: Chance the Rapper / Vic Mensa
Celebrity: Emma Watson, if any

✿ Life ✿

Best Friend: my bfbzsaffae spxcecowboy !!  !
Hometown: Toronto
Siblings: 1 younger brother
Dream Job: Computer engineer
Fears: People forgetting about me
Tattoos: None - maybe one day
Piercings: None - nor do I plan to get any
Languages: Engish fluently, some C#, HTML, XML, MySQL, and a very small amount of Tagalog

✿ Tumblr ✿

Reason behind my URL: One of my favorite internet personalities is ultradavid and I really liked his name haha, so I kind of made mine similar to his x)

I tag: rada, koko, mar, tina.

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samuraibleu:(by _kuri)

Midtown 2019 by Mike Dillingham on Flickr.

Romain Jacquet-Lagreze

DSC03873 by Nigel Cooper* on Flickr.

煌々 by mitsuba. on Flickr.

GR024643.jpg by Ryo(りょう) on Flickr.